Broken Garage Door Spring

Garage doors can be deceptive when it comes to the many mechanisms involved with making them work. While they may seem simple on the exterior, there’s a lot that goes into pulling a garage door up and down. One example of this is the garage door’s spring. While it may seem tiny and insignificant, anyone who has had theirs break knows how important they are.

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What is the Spring’s job in the system?

The spring has one of the most important jobs when it comes to the system involved behind your garage door. These springs hold the entire weight of your garage door. So when you hit your garage door opener, the spring coils itself, lifting the garage door up and out of the way. When you open your garage door, the spring works by uncoiling, but doing so at a controlled pace.
Springs are generally made out of metal, as a strong material is needed in order to successfully manipulate all this weight at once and then hold it in place. Keep in mind that many garage doors weigh as much as 300 pounds.

When Do Springs Tend to Brake?

Unfortunately, it’s almost inevitable that your spring will break eventually. Moving all that weight up and down on a regular basis means it’s generally only a matter of time. It’s simply too much pressure for the spring to never break from.

But as it gets colder out, the problem tends to get worse. The cold makes your spring much less capable of moving, which means when it does, it takes a greater amount of force to do it. So while your spring can technically go at any time, it’s most likely to do so when the temperature drops, unfortunately.

When your garage door spring breaks, you’ll notice. Often you may be able to hear the sound of it snapping or you’ll catch sight of it dangling from the ceiling. However, you’ll definitely know once you move to open the door. You’ll hear the familiar sound of the garage door’s engine, but of course, the door itself won’t be going anywhere.

What Common Problems are there with Springs?

After the spring on your garage door breaks, you’ll still want to get out of your garage. Fortunately, most doors come with a red cord you can pull to get the door up and out of your way.

Long before the spring breaks, it will often become weak. You can test to see if this is happening, by disengaging the lever of the motor that actually hoists the door. Then, using the red chord, lift the door a foot off the ground. Do the same at shoulder height and almost all the way up. In all of these scenarios, the garage door should stay where it is. If it doesn’t, that’s a good sign your spring is becoming weak.

Fortunately, springs are very affordable. Where you’ll end up spending money is on having them installed. This can run you several hundred dollars. But it’s best to have a professional do it as you could seriously injure yourself trying it on your own.

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