DIY: Cleaning your carpet or area rug


Welcome and thanks for visiting this article. In this tutorial I would share some common methods used by carpet cleaning companies to clean wall to wall carpets or area rugs. It’s true that on some occasions and as a general rule of thumb you might like to order a professional carpet cleaning service once a year, it’s important to learn about all the methods available to clean your carpet (the right way).

What is so important?

First, the short answer: Cleaner carpet means less health problem!

Also, if you have kids you should extra careful and especially vigilant and clean your carpet on a regular basis. Kids tend to spend a lot of time on the carpets.

Allergies? No thank you!

Allergies are funny creatures (not really), they can appear out of the blue and do some freaky stuff we absolutely didn’t except. It’s hard making the link between a neglected carpet and your kid allergy which is exactly the reason we should remain vigilant.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Foam Encapsulation

This cleaning method makes use of advanced materials. Synthetic detergents turns into a unique form of foam which loosens and grabs hold of dirty particle within the fiber which you can vacuum out more easily!

This is a great method although most people don’t trust that it actually work (for some weird reason). Using Foam Encapsulation you can give your rug a deep clean and do so quiet easily using your own vacuum cleaner.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the hottest thing the carpet business. It is an effective method of cleaning and I do mean deep cleaning your carpet or area rug. Dry cleaning is not a new invention and has been around for 40 years now in different forms.

So, what’s the big deal?

This method uses a machine to insert a compound deep into the carpet bottom layers and all across to its upper part which allows the compound to reach even inside the fiber and do so evenly across the entire carpet or rug.

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Keep it clean and have a wonderful day

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