Garage Door Springs

BBB Garage Doors offers 24 hour service for broken garage door springs.

Replacing springs is a dangerous job and the procedure must be done right in order to insure the proper operation of your garage door. If a spring is installed improperly, it can break again in a short time. When BBB Garage Doors replaces your springs, we also inspect and adjust the entire door to insure that it works right and so your new springs will last. Do not be alarmed if you have broken spring as springs naturally wear out.

What do garage door springs do? The springs on a garage door are what provide all the “muscle” that lifts the door. If you’ve ever lifted a garage door by hand, without the aid of an automatic opening, you’ll recall that it was quite easy. The average garage door weighs about 300 pounds and moves seven to ten feet each time it opens and each time it closes. The springs are the heart of the entire process.

The lifespan of your garage door’s springs depends on a few things. On a properly-maintained garage door that is not subject to misuse, the springs will easily last for five to ten years. You can’t predict when the springs will break and can’t see the wear and tear. One day they just break like old car tires go flat. If the door is out of alignment, a spring will break sooner. The technicians at BBB Garage Doors will realign your door when they replace your springs. Springs generally break as result of normal wear and tear.

How can maintenance make your springs last longer? There’s not much to be done to the springs themselves. The condition of the garage door’s springs is reflective of the condition of the door itself. The most important tip on spring maintenance is to replace both springs when one breaks. Don’t try to save a few dollars by buying one spring or you’ll just end up buying a second one sooner or later. Tension will be uneven with one new and one old spring and you’ll quickly wear out your door rollers and even burn out the motor on your opener.

Other garage door maintenance will protect your springs. Call BBB Garage Doors for an annual maintenance check-up. Chances are, you’ll be told your springs look OK and the technician will proceed to lubricate the door, look for worn rollers and realign the tracks if necessary. Proper door alignment will insure that one spring doesn’t take on more than half of the door’s weight or the spring will certainly break prematurely. A qualified technician will also verify that the cable tension is correct and the weight distribution is even.

Your garage door opener should also operate smoothly. A BBB Garage Door Technician can inspect your opener and make needed adjustments to the chain and drive unit to verify that it does not pull the door out of alignment when the door opens.

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