LiftMaster 8355W Garage Door Opener

This garage door opener is a Liftmaster garage door opener. A popular model among installers it is considered a high quality, quiet, and dependable garage door opener. Also, a great,  built-in feature is the Wi-Fi… no need for an external part, it’s already inside the opener. Just install the LiftMaster App and stay connected with your garage door!

liftmaster 8355w


  • Above Average

Opener Features:

  • Motor Vibration Isolation System
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi
  • Security+ 2.0
  • MyQ Technology

In The Package:

* consult your installer, parts may vary

  • multi-function wall switch
  • 2 x remote controls (or 1)
  • 2 sensors
  • External keypad (sometimes)



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