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Why do You Want or Have an Underground Shelter?

If you have a few thousand dollars and a little elbow grease, you could bury a shipping container underground to be a shelter.

That would mean I would have to make sure my house always looked like a million dollars.

This people in this city decided to dig into the ground and make their own living situation.

I looked around to survey our situation.

Celeste’s trailer was out in the country, on the other side of the river, situated on a large piece of land, probably ten acres or so, that looked like it might have been part of a horse farm at some point.

It looked like it was waiting for someone to get in it and go fishing.

The likelihood they would get this kind of rain is slim.

That kind of scares me.

I think I am more interested in the temperature control than I am about being safe from a detonation of some kind of bomb or meteor.

Great and useful in Sandy days.

If they were to have a few days of steady rain, all the people in these tunnels will have to leave, most of them losing everything they have collected to make their lives somewhat normal.

It was one of those hot muggy days that let you know that the “Dog Days” are in charge.

I know this will not work after the house has been built.

That could be bad if the house decided to cave in on a weak spot that I created digging the hole. The tunnels these people are living in were created to divert flash flood waters away from the city.

In fact, there are often warning signs leading up to a full failure that go unnoticed. They look like a few holes in the ground or stairs leading to nowhere.

Most buildings like this one would be tornado victims.

I hope to make it out there one day to see them for myself.

How many of us have the chance to purchase an unusual building and have the foresight to make it into something great. I would like to find demolished building with it’s basement still intact.

The nice thing about a bunker like this one, it is underground. For one, the house would settle over the hole I dig. Then dig out the hole and put in some walls and a floor that will be a shelter under the house.

I wondered if it would be possible to dig a hole under the house through the concrete of the slab. If your house is below the surface of the ground, you’ll be protected by the dirt above you.

There was a small dirt mound behind the trailer that was used as a backstop for target practice with guns and hunting bows.

These spaces are extremely small and will not be something for people who are claustrophobic. These spaces are usually no longer used by the city.

There are many things that can damage electrical cords.

A brand new and well-fitted garage door can boost your residence value and also put a smile on your face whenever you pull in the driveway.

His garage was built to house a small fleet of Military Vehicles.

We were in a trailer in a wide-open field, there was a small ditch near the road, and the car was too far away to try to escape.

Then we walked toward a small group of houses about a quarter of a mile away.

If you can find a way to keep the rest of your house from collapsing on top of your shelter, then I think this would be a great option.

I have never been right in a tornado but we were in Arkansas when there were tornadoes all around us, running for the shelter then going back home and then a few hours later running for the shelter again.

There is also the fact that if a storm does show up and demolish your home, there might be debris on top of your shelter not allowing you to get out when the storm is over.

The adult in me says get the tinfoil hat. The child still in me says yes! In the house across the road where the roof had been spun off, people were trapped under the roof in the only corner of the house that was still standing.

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